14. August 2021 15. August 2021

The Gardens of Babylon Open Air Festival Life Park Istanbul

Venue: Lifepark


As we start writing the description of our first open air festival in Istanbul a wave of love washes over us.. We can not wait to return to this vibrant city, to our warm hearted family and to the Turkish breakfast after a two day show. We want to encourage you to join the family here.. We will sail on the Bosphorus, wander through Cihangir and dance in Life Park..

The Gardens of Babylon presents: Open Air Festival Life Park Istanbul

Line up:

A mindblowing line up will be announced on Monday 19/7..

The Gardens of Babylon connects music & spirituality to create a more conscious way of gathering. Its unique vibe is created by their global following, also known as the Babylon family. At every event we create a fun intergalactic musical playground for all of us to enjoy.

Read what you can expect!

We create a line up that combines local upcoming talent with the vested musicians we all adore. From the first moment until the very last drop we get to enjoy incredible sounds.

All our events start with a special Opening Ceremony. A short group meditation allows you to arrive at the Gardens, to set the right intention to experience the most beautiful time together, and to let go of
whatever is holding you back in the outside world. Connect with yourself and everyone around you to find each other at an event that combines the power of musical, visual and even spiritual dream effects. It’s a must for any Babylon experience!

Time to relax… Here you can find the right place to calm down and take a moment to wander inside the
deep corners of your being to refill your batteries for being able to dance the days and nights away to the
most beautiful and inspiring music.

Spend time carelessly on the creations our Market of Curiosities and lose yourself in the most beautiful
clothes, accessories, and more to add a dash of glamour to your beautiful being. Do you want to sell at The Gardens of Babylon please send a message to info@thegardensofbabylon.com with a description of your goods, a social media link and photos.

Dance with the stranger, join the meditation and find a new piece at the Market. Our Gardens are the space for you to lose yourself inside and find yourself in life.

We can’t wait to welcome you!

With love,

The Gardens of Babylon