18. December 2021
Los Angeles

The Gardens of Babylon Los Angeles

After an endless wait, we’re very happy to announce that The Gardens of Babylon returns to LA..
The Gardens of Babylon LA
December 18
Location: TBA
When you join The Gardens of Babylon we welcome you to join us right from the start. It is beautiful to experience our Opening Ceremony. Give yourself time to arrive at the event and to let go of the outside world. Time to take off on a beautiful journey inside The World of Babylon. A beautiful night together is waiting for us.
Opening Ceremony starts at 21:30..
We combine the local talents that are made for The Gardens of Babylon with international superstars.. Expect a perfect musical guidance for your night filled with future memories.
☆゚.The Gardens of Babylon
The Gardens of Babylon is a global family that co-creates mythical nights around the world. By connecting music with spirituality we have open hearts and minds which amplify the human connection. Come find your Babylon family! It’s time to lose yourself in music and find yourself in life…
There’s so much more to this event than only music.
☆∘ The Market of Curiosities
Spend time carelessly on the creations at The Market of Curiosities and pamper yourself with the most beautiful clothes and accessories for your appearance to shine as bright as your beautiful soul… We are ALWAYS open to welcome new market vendors and creators. Please email market@thegardensofbabylon.com for more information!
☆゚∘ Live performances
We are always looking to connect with the local dancers, performers, actors and more to create a magical experience together. Care to join? Please email info@thegardensofbabylon.com for more information!
☆∘ Art
Local creators come and find us.. We are longing to show your work at our show and to our community. Care to join? Please email info@thegardensofbabylon.com for more information!
Stay tuned for more updates!
All the love,
The Gardens of Babylon