4. July 2020

The Gardens of Babylon Intimate Day Dance Reunion

Time: 14:00
Venue: Viertel_Dach
Address: Münchensteinerstrasse 81
Zipcode: 4052
Country: CHE
Hello angel,
It seems that there is a silver lining in this crazy year we call 2020. On July 4th we come together for an intimate day dance & gathering at our home in Basel, Das Viertel. In a time like this we look forward to celebrate life, love and you, our family.

Be Svendsen
Planet Caravan
SUPRISE… We’ve invited Deer Jade and Aaron Khaleian for a very special extended afterparty in the club. From dancing in the sun over dusk till dawn, it’s time to make this reunion a one that counts! Tickets at the door.
Aaron Khaleian

Deer Jade

Tickets for the afterparty at the door. As visitor of our Intimate Day Dance Reunion you will have preferred and free access to the club night party. More information will follow.
The Gardens of Babylon
The Gardens of Babylon is a global family that co-creates mythical nights around the world. Nights, sold out thanks to the combination of this family and incredible music.
Time to lose yourself in music, find yourself in life…
There’s so much more to this event than only music. Find yourself at a show that combines the power of musical, visual and even spiritual dream effects to connect you to yourself and everyone around you…
☆゚.✩∘ Opening Meditation & Ceremony
Every event we start with an opening meditation. This meditation allows you to arrive at the event, to set the intention to experience the most beautiful day together and to let go of whatever is holding you back in the outside world. Time to take off on a journey inside The World of Babylon.
☆゚.✩∘ The Market of Curiosities
Spend time carelessly on the creations at The Market of Curiosities and pamper yourself with the most beautiful clothes and accessories for your appearance to shine as bright as your beautiful soul…
☆゚.✩∘ Much more to be announced…
Do you want to participate as a vendor, dancer, masseur, glitter girl, spiritual guide or volunteer in this magical event? We are here to co-create with all that there is of you… Please send an email to: info@thegardensofbabylon.com!


Viertel _Dach,
Viertel _Klub


The Gardens of Babylon
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TRACK ID: Be Svendsen Magical Sunrise-Set Lapa Stage @ Envision 2020