24. June 2023

The Gardens of Babylon Basel – Day & Night

Venue: Viertel
For the ones that love Basel as much as we do…. Your favourite day in the future is going to be June 24! A perfect summer day for our Day & Night formula from rooftop to club at our homebase Viertel.
Basel, Switzerland
The Gardens of Babylon Basel
Day into Night!
We open the doors to The World of Babylon in the afternoon. From 15:00 onwards we host an our early evening dance in the Viertel Klub,
We will start the day with a gentle opening, a meditation and sound healing. We will have a market area, immersive performances and more. This high level sound club is just phenomenal and will keep us dancing.
☆ Line Up ☆
☆ The Gardens of Babylon
The Gardens of Babylon is a global family that co-creates mythical nights around the world. By connecting music with spirituality, our open hearts and minds amplify the human connection. Come find your Babylon family! It’s time to lose yourself in the music and find yourself in life…
☆ Family Gatherings
The Gardens of Babylon creates experiences that connect people from all over the world. Before our shows, we always gather the family to meet the team and all other community members. Are you traveling alone? Don’t worry! You will surely meet many like-minded souls at our pre-event gatherings. In Basel there usually is a post gathering too! TOO MUCH FUN!
☆The Opening Ceremony☆
Start at the beginning and don’t stop until the end… When you join The Gardens of Babylon, we welcome you to join us right from the start. There’s nothing more beautiful than joining our Opening Ceremony. Usually, we begin with a grounding meditation to help you fully “arrive” at the event and set a conscious intention for the rest of the night.
☆ The Market of Curiosities ☆
We always welcome incredible designers and resellers to our little marketplace at the event. Sign up for a spot right here:
☆Immersive performances☆
Once again we are teaming up with the most creative performers we can find. And we are always looking to connect with more local dancers and performers. Care to join? Please email info@thegardensofbabylon.com for more information.
Local creators come and find us! We are longing to show your work to our community at our event. Care to join? Please email info@thegardensofbabylon.com for more information.
All the love,
The Gardens of Babylon